Get Involved

If you live in the Stellenridge area (roughly between Bill Bezuidenhout & Old Oak, N1 and Zinnia) and you would like to be involved in your neighbourhood (involved does not means a lot of time that you need to spend or being nosy, it just means being a good neighbour and start knowing your neighbours and neighbourhood), then I would like to invite you to join the neighbourhood watch.

Although we would like members to do patrols where possible, it is not the main criteria for being a member. Members communicate (WhatsApp) with other members on what is happening in Stellenridge from a security perspective. Non-members do not have access to the WhatsApp group.

If you would like to join, kindly contact us using the online form or send an email to Willem (wjooste [at] or Franco (stellenridgenhw [at]

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