Camera Initiative

The camera initiative is a joint initiative between Ridgeworth Estate Forum and the Neighbourhood Watches of Ridgeworth & Stellenridge.  It is not closed group, it includes everyone living in the two areas.  We use the neighbourhood watches because they are already operating in the areas.  If we thus use the words “we” or “us” in this document we are referring to the joint management team looking after any issues involving the camera initiative.

(Download a document with Q&A, English & Afrikaans)

  • More about the cameras

    There are 6 entrance points that will be covered by the cameras. They are the entrances on Bill Bezuidenhout: Sonneblom, Mountain View and Uitvlugt, and on Old Oak they are Sonneblom, Mountain View and Ridgeworth.

    Each point will have 2 cameras.  One will read the vehicle’s number plate and the other is an overhead camera used to get more info on the vehicle and to see in what direction it went.

    Every point will cost between R40 000 and R50 000.

    The cameras will be on private property and not on municipal property.  The paperwork to get permission from the municipality is just too difficult and future changes in legislation can mean more trouble at some point.

  • Maintenance on the cameras

    Electricity amounts to approx. R300 per annum per point, thus approx. R25 per month per point.

    Bassett will be monitoring the cameras for us at no extra charge.  They are currently monitoring Stellenberg’s cameras.

    We are going to sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the suppliers who will then do all the maintenance on the cameras. The SLA will be R150 per point per month.  If we include the electricity the total cost will be approx. R1000 per month (on all 6 points).

    Currently we receive monthly donations and we are planning more fund raising events / projects that will be used to cover the maintenance costs.

    iTrackLPR is the supplier of the cameras and they will do the installation on our instruction.  They are not involved with any fund raising events / projects.

  • When will we put up the cameras?

    The idea is to do a point as soon as there is enough money available for one point.  In other words, as soon as we have R40 000 we will start with one of the points.  That means we will get immediate benefits from that camera, even if the others are not up yet.

    Another option is to only put one camera per point and then the rest as we get the money.  That way, even if not everyone is giving towards the project, we can start and have the benefits of the camera.

  • Who will do the finances? What is happening with the payments?

    Payments can be made in the following account (use the reference of your Street name and house nr, i.e. Wyoming 9): Neighbourhood Watch, Nedbank (198765), 1014615801

    We can also accept cash.  Contact Myburgh du Plessis (Ridgeworth) (083 610 1558) or Franco van Vuuren (Stellenridge) (082 373 6128) to do cash payments.  A receipt will be issued and the money will then be paid into the account.

    Die treasurer (of Ridgeworth Neighbourhood Watch) monitors the payments and we have a list of all residents and payments that is updated on a weekly base.

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